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Get the Full Scoop on a Property: Owner Name, Sale Price, Liens

What do you want to know? Who bought that charming little house down the street and for how much? If there are any liens on that property? Or maybe you just want to see when the home you're about to buy was last renovated.

If what you want is the full scoop on a property—be it a commercial or residential one—just type the address on and you'll get to see the full property report. That means oodles of data: owner name & contact details (phone no. included, when available), sales history, the actual title documents, property characteristics, (e.g. property class, lot size, square footage, year built, no. of bedrooms etc.), building permits, property rates, tax assessment history and more.
Where does PropertyShark get all that property data? From hundreds of reliable public and proprietary sources. This policy has won over 1M+ real estate professionals, investors, and home buyers who currently use the site for their property research. Though they might also be in it for PropertyShark's foreclosure & pre-foreclosure listings, sales comparables tool, or interactive maps; but detailed property information is still the site's main attraction.

Check it out for yourselves; your first property report is free. And if you can resist looking up your own house, here's a sample report. >>