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Telegraph Hill Penthouse Flip Adds Roof Deck, $2.075M to Price

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When the four-level penthouse condo at Telegraph Hill's 341 Filbert Street went up for sale in February 2013, it was looking for a big $4.25 million price. It languished on the market for nearly eight months, taking a series of price shops and finally selling for just $3.425 million. The condo was designed by Rod Freebairn-Smith in 1995 and featured a kitchen with a glassed-in atrium feel and head-on views of Coit Tower. The condo was in excellent shape, but its buyers saw the potential to renovate and flip it, and so embarked on a major overhaul. Now, the spruced-up, re-modernized penthouse is back on the market asking $5.5 million, which is $2.075 million more than its last sale price.
The renovated condo has three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and 2,890 square feet. According to listing agent Louis Silcox, Freebairn-Smith's original plans for the property included a roof deck that was never built. The current owners went back to those plans and added the deck this time around.

The formerly funky turquoise kitchen is now sleek and white, although the atrium-like windows remain. The kitchen and baths all got new finishes, notes Silcox, and the sizable laundry room even got a helping of marble countertops.

A spiral staircase leads up to a roof deck, and a terrace looks out onto the Transamerica building. There is even parking for two cars, a rarity on Telegraph Hill. It will be interesting to see if the remodeled home entices buyers more this time around than it did back in 2013.

The new roof deck:

· 341 Filbert Street [Official Site]