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For $675K, Own an Eichler Fanatic's A. Quincy Jones-Designed Gem in Concord

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Blaine Siler, an Eichler fanatic and one half of Redux Stage Co—a recently launched home-staging company dedicated to rescuing midcentury houses from cowhides and starburst mirrors—is putting his own four-bedroom atrium-style Eichler on the market. The 1963 home, part of the Rancho de la Santos del Diablo Eichler neighborhood in Concord, has undergone a slew of thoughtful renovations, from new vinyl tile to restored copper radiant heating to custom mahogany-paneled walls and cabinetry. Even the atrium is uncovered, per the period.

Most of the ceilings are painted white, which isn't for everyone, but the addition of the bespoke mahogany paneling darkens things up quite a bit, which the white ceilings do help mitigate. And at least one bedroom has natural wood-plank ceilings, so there's that. There are two bathrooms, 1,656 square feet of space, and at least one Don Draper cutout, which we hope will be thrown in gratis.

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