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Leak at 100 Van Ness Sends Residents Packing to Other Units

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Earlier this week a leak on the 24th floor of the newly refurbished rental tower 100 Van Ness set off a spray of water that damaged units on multiple levels, according to a tipster who lives in the building. Residents were aflutter earlier in the week, unsure of how far the damage spread or where the inhabitants of affected units would go, the tipster writes. Marc Babsin, principal of 100 Van Ness developer Emerald Fund, confirmed the leak and explained that the water supply to the air-conditioning unit in an apartment on the 24th floor came loose on Monday and sprayed water, damaging 11 units on the east side of the building between the 16th and 24th floors.

According to Babsin, 15 residents of the just recently redone Solomon Cordwell Buenz-spruced tower have moved to vacant apartments while their units get fitted with new sheetrock and flooring. They'll have to stay away for between one and two months. Contrary to some rumors that some residents would need to leave the building entirely, "no one will need to move out," Babsin explains. "Fortunately, the water damage was localized. Leasing activities are continuing full throttle. In fact, we're moving in 30 new apartments this coming week."

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