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Intensely Victorian Eureka Valley Queen Anne Wants $2.749M

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From the outside, 4127 20th Street is just another well-kept Eureka Valley Victorian painted in neutral tones. Inside, however, the three-bed, two-point-five-bath home takes its Victorian heritage seriously, with no whitewashed interiors anywhere to be found. Instead, there is "historic-era wallpaper" throughout, numerous carved and tiled fireplaces, and a stately library with 19th-century portraits adorning the walls. The 2,482-square-foot Queen Anne, which was built around the turn of the last century, is currently on the market asking $2.749 million.

The home has made some grudging concessions to modernity. Its kitchen is somewhat modern, although there is another tiled fireplace squeezed into the corner. The backyard has been upgraded with a waterfall that probably wasn't there at the turn of the 20th century, and there is a media room with a large flatscreen (and a lot of floral wallpaper to make it look more old fashioned). Many more period details remain untouched. There is a sink in the corner of one of the bedrooms, and one bathroom features a clawfoot tub topped by a fritzy-looking shower attachment that only a Victorian aficionado could love.

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