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At $288K, San Francisco's Cheapest House Needs a Bit of Work

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The two-bedroom home at 1537 Revere Avenue in the Bayview has had a tough few years. Back in 2008, it was engulfed by a two-alarm fire that left it gutted. Seven years later, the home appears to have never recovered from the blaze. Its interiors are still completely trashed and charred. What looks like it may have once been a decent kitchen with stainless steel appliances is covered in ash, and cooking supplies still sit untouched in the burned cabinets. Even the backyard is a torn-up mess of dirt piles and rotting boards. However, the little house may soon be rescued from its rough state. It is currently on the market as a contractor's special asking $288,000.

The house is obviously unlivable in its current state, but it does offer potential for redevelopment. It sits a block and a half from Third Street and is close to both public transportation and the freeways. The listing also notes that it may offer the opportunity to be expanded to two units thanks to zoning that allows two dwelling units on the lot. And given the Bayview's position as one of the neighborhoods in the city with the fastest-rising home prices, there could be a lot of upside in this downtrodden little property.

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