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People in LA Are Droughtshaming Their Neighbors on Twitter

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Enthusiasm for water conservation has only intensified as California's drought has dragged on and statewide water restrictions have gone into effect. It's manifested itself in many ways, from stink-eye at someone buying too many almonds in the grocery store to telling the media how disgusted you are at the too-lush, overly-green yards of celebrities. And then there's the good old fashioned droughtshaming: calling out the perceived guilty parties for sprinklers left on in the rain or hosed-down concrete—sometimes by naming businesses and sometimes by posting addresses—hoping to humiliate the offenders into compliance. NPR looked into the #droughtshaming phenomenon and found that just posting the address of a wanton water user is, as some probably guessed, not as effective as it might be satisfying.

Curbed LA has the shameful evidence >>