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Midcentury Flip Loses Retro Vibe, Adds $4M in Noe Valley

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At the very top of Noe Valley on Hoffman Avenue, a midcentury three-bedroom sold for $1.51 million after just a week on the market back in 2012. The home's 1950s touches, from a lovely wood-paneled wall to the big brick fireplace, were all intact, but its buyers weren't interested in the house for its retro style. They turned the whole thing contemporary with a big renovation that left it with five bedrooms, an open plan, and a big $5.7 million ask—nearly quadruple the last sale price.
There are now floor-to-ceiling doors that open onto glass-railed decks, a glass-and-steel-railed staircase, and a media pentroom with views. The two-car garage is equipped with a charger for electric cars, and there is radiant heat throughout. The views out to the East Bay and Mount Diablo on one side and Twin Peaks on the other haven't changed, although they are perhaps more on display now. The home is undoubtedly perfectly emblematic of the tastes of 2015, but we can't help but imagining it being completely redone in another few decades in whatever style is of the moment.

· 471 Hoffman Avenue [Official Site]
· 471 Hoffman Avenue [Redfin, 2012]