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Julia Morgan Carriage House Wants $3.5M in Pacific Heights

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A carriage house Julia Morgan built in 1917 for Edwin and Jane Newhall has just landed on the market seeking $3.5 million. The two-story brick abode originally served as a garage and chauffeur's quarters for the Newhalls' Dutch Colonial that was tucked away from the street, backing up onto Billionaires' Row (better known today as the home of Zynga founder Mark Pincus). No interior pictures accompany the Morgan listing, sadly, but it's got to be lovely, if the latticed casement windows and festive flower boxes on the facade are any indication.

Per the brokerbabble, the interiors have high ceilings, a contemporary kitchen, a remodeled bath, and period details. The home is just 875 square feet, putting the price per square at a stunning $4,000. From the listing's description, it sounds like the three-car garage is still in operation, which explains the small size of the living quarters (and makes this place ideal for lonely autophiles).

Oddly, the price means the home is at once the most expensive one-bedroom in San Francisco and the cheapest house anywhere near Billionaires' Row, making it seem both impossibly inaccessible and like a total bargain. To the neighbors, you're slumming it in someone's old outbuilding, and to everyone else, you're a millionaire living in an architectural keepsake in Mark Pincus's front yard.

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