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'Blessed' and 'Heavenly' Cow Hollow Remodel Lists for $8.495M

Once upon a time, 2764 Greenwich Street in Cow Hollow was a small two-bedroom home in need of some updates. However, its location just a block and a half from the Presidio in the priciest part of Cow Hollow ensured that it wouldn't stay that way for long. It's not clear exactly when the house fell into the hands of its remodelers, because it sold for $1.5 million back in 2009 and then went on the market again in late 2013 but never publicly changed hands. Regardless, a top-to-bottom rebuild of the home had started by mid-2014, and it is now a massive, modern five-bedroom property asking $8.495 million. Its totally over-the-top brokerbabble dubs it the "miracle on Greenwich" and proceeds to exend the divine metaphor all the way through the listing.

The listing breathlessly goes on to say that "every inch of the home has been blessed with a sophisticated modern design" and talks about its "divine inspiration." To us, it looks like standard high-end flipper style. There's an open floor plan, a roof deck, a marble kitchen, and, of course, a soaking tub. It's all very nice, and the views are rather "heavenly" as described, but it's perhaps not quite God's gift to the MLS (we'll award points for literary consistency, though!).

Asking prices above $1,000 per square foot have become very much the new normal around San Francisco, but it's less commonplace to see an ask top $2,000 per square. 2764 Greenwich clocks in at $2,007 per square, so at at least we know the price is divinely inspired.

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