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Envelope A+D-Spruced Hidey-Home Nabs $3.1M in the Mission

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Back in 2009, a ho-hum but kinda sweet three-bedroom on Shotwell Street in the Mission sold for $905,000. After an envelope A+D-led intervention involving lots of reclaimed wood, charred cedar, and Cor-Ten, the home re-emerged as a bespoke respite from the world, with a "Flora Grubb inspired" garden and a wine fridge to enable all that daytime drinking we've been meaning to get around to. The home, which is just barely visible from the street from behind its gently charred gate, listed last month for $2.695 million. It just changed hands for $3.1 million, which is a big price for the Mission.

Inside, the architects paneled entire walls in honey-hued wood, which wraps the ceiling in some rooms, and it looks like they sliced an asymmetrical arrangement of skylights above what is now the dining nook. The designers left a somewhat inexplicable tin ceiling in one bedroom but, thankfully, relieved the property of a bathroom scheme that looked like it belongs in an 80s beach house.

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