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Will the Lucky Penny Diner on Geary Be Razed for Residences?

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Preliminary plans have been filed with the Planning Department to replace the Lucky Penny 24-hour diner at the corner of Geary and Masonic with a seven-story mixed-use building. The proposal, submitted by RG Architecture, calls for three stories of residences ranging from two to four bedrooms for a total of 21 units. Another three stories would be devoted to office space, and all of it would be set above 11,000 square feet of ground-floor retail. It's unclear so far whether the units would be condos or apartments, or whether below-market-rate units would be on- or off-site. As Hoodline notes, the diner has been on the corner for upwards of two decades and is still open, with its mostly empty parking lot tempting impatient Trader Joe's shoppers to disobey parking etiquette and run in just this once to stock up on powerberries.

The PPA is, of course, just the first step in the process, so it could be a while before we know the fate of Lucky Penny for sure. If residences are built, whoever lives there will enjoy unfettered access to Trader Joe's, sans the parking headache. On the minus side, that means spending an awful lot of time living over a big, auto-dominated intersection.

The proposal calls for two levels of underground parking, with 68 spots for cars and 40 for bikes. Plans also include a roof deck, though renderings are not available yet, according to Hoodline.

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