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At $7.495M, Cow Hollow Flip Has Twice the Kitchens for Thrice the Price

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When 1670-1672 Greenwich Street in Cow Hollow last sold, in 2013, it was a two-unit French Baroque-style home with simple but lovely finishes and a big, grassy backyard. The price was $2.25 million. The home's buyers set about giving it a top-to-bottom renovation that has taken the square footage from 2,961 to 4,900 and turned it into a single-family home, albeit one with four kitchens, according to the listing. We're not sure exactly what one does with four kitchens, but apparently they are worth $7.495 million, which is the price of the newly redesigned house.
One of the kitchens is attached to the main great room, while another is in a lower room that opens up onto a groomed backyard. A third is on the second-floor deck just outside the main kitchen, but we can't find the fourth. There are also five bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms, and an elevator to take the new owners from floor to floor. High ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and predictable touches like a geometric modern style and a glassy roof deck make this a classic very expensive flip.

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