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Cute Bernal 2-Unit Cottage Wants You to Get Lucky for $888K

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How fast can an adorable two-unit property that sits just a block above Cortland Avenue in Bernal Heights fly off the market? We're about to find out with the listing of 198 Anderson Street, which just went up for sale asking a fortune-seeking $888,000. The main unit sits on the second floor and has two bedrooms, a living room, and a deck leading to the backyard. It also boasts seven skylights, a cute little potbelly stove, and two loft areas up above, one of which is set up as an office. However, there are some drawbacks to the place. The kitchen isn't exactly a chef's dream, given that it is more of a half-kitchen with a tiny, ancient stove than a place for cooking gourmet meals. Plus, the refrigerator sits in the dining area.

The lower unit is a one-bedroom that has been rented out for more than four years and is currently bringing in $1,475 per month (oh, the days of sub-$1,500 one-bedroom rents in Bernal). There doesn't seem to be any parking for either unit, but they do share a sweet backyard with trees and benches. The place is much more of a cute cottage than a luxury property, but given the ongoing popularity of Bernal Heights, it will likely be snatched up in an instant.

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