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Russian Hill Megaflip Nearly Doubles Price, Rakes in $6.875M

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When the three-bedroom, 15th-floor condo at 1070 Green Street in Russian Hill listed for $7.5 million back in March, it had just emerged from a renovation that dispensed with its uncomely blanket of beige carpet and vintage kitchen. Still, that was a tall price for a place that had changed hands for a mere (!) $3.65 million in 2013. Despite the modern reboot (by April Sheldon Design and Black Mountain Construction & Development) and unbeatable views of the water, we wondered at a price that grasped at a mind-numbing $3,054 per square. Welp, the property has officially sold for $6.875 million, a pile o' cash tall enough to climb the 15 stories to peer crassly into the condo's floor-to-ceiling windows. That works out to a still towering $2,799 per square for what is still a half-floor condo.
The buyer paid cash (naturally) for the revamped condo, which is now entirely open, with a modern, wall-free white kitchen, marble bathrooms, European oak floors with radiant heating, and a laundry room with Ann Sacks tile floors. The HOA fees are an equally staggering $2,551/month.


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