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Richmond Victorian Frees Itself From Ugly Mural, Adds $800K

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The last time the two-unit Victorian at 331 Arguello Street came on the market back in 2013, many of its strong points were overshadowed by its rather questionable aesthetic. The biggest offender was a truly terrible mural in one of the bathrooms that depicted flying seagulls, blue skies, and white pillars. Similarly bad paint jobs in the dining room and upstairs bedroom took away attention from the home's otherwise charming period details. The house took a few price chops from its starting point of $2.895 million and never sold. The owner decided to remodel, and brought on Renovation and Design to revive the interiors without scrapping any of those period touches. The house is now back on the market asking $3.695 million, a healthy $800K more than last time around.

The property still has a very colorful, decorative exterior, although it is rather oddly squeezed up against the big multiunit building next door. Inside, there are fireplaces with carved mantels, paneling and molding everywhere, and an elegant new kitchen. A new floor plan has left the home with a four-bedroom upper unit and a two-bedroom lower unit. The exposed beams upstairs are still there and no longer have designs painted across them, and there are touches of stained glass here and there. Very little has been done to the trellised backyard, but that formerly atrocious bathroom is now a modest shade of white.

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