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Supervisor Jane Kim Proposes Law to Curb Some Evictions

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At yesterday's Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Jane Kim unveiled new legislation designed to reduce incentives for landlords to evict rent-controlled tenants. To discourage property owners from evicting in order to raise rents to current market rates, the law would give new tenants who move into rent-controlled units that have just gone through an eviction the right to pay pre-eviction rents. (Sidebar: Landlords of rent-controlled buildings who evict and seek market-rate rents are still bound by rent control, but changes in tenancy allow them to set a new rent-controlled rent at a higher level than what existing tenants pay.) The legislation is still being written, as the San Francisco Business Times reports, and would need a six-vote majority to go though. The law also seeks to undercut evictions for minor infractions like laundry hanging out the window. A vote could come in July.

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