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Presidio Heights Home Emerges from Renovation, Asks $13.5M

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When the tall, commanding home at 3385 Jackson Street in Presidio Heights last went up for sale in 2011, it had a brick facade and was asking $8 million. According to public records, the home never sold, but it did begin a major renovation. It has now reemerged from that makeover as a sleek, white geometric box of a house, and its new asking price is $13.5 million. The four-story home has five bedrooms, six full bathrooms plus two half bathrooms, and a big roof deck complete with a hot tub to top it all off.

The newly redesigned home has all of the modern amenities that one would expect from a high-end remodel, from the flat fireplace to what look like white oak floors, which probably aren't shown off to their best advantage by the velvet jewel-toned armchairs, cluttered display shelves, and a gaudy floor-to-ceiling mirror leaning against the wall in an area set up to be a gym.

Originally built in 1988, the home does offer views out to the Golden Gate, sliding doors that open onto outdoor living space, and a big glass-lined staircase winding its way through the center. It doesn't offer the grand old beauty of some of its neighbors, but it does have the polished, contemporary aesthetic that seems to be popular with buyers, or at least the flippers who sell to them.

· 3385 Jackson Street [Official Site]