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San Francisco's Tiniest Home Takes Ridiculously Wee Price Cut

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When a home takes a while to sell, it's customary to see price cuts of $150K, $500K, or even $1 million for the larger homes. When the adorable but diminutive TIC at 2945 Baker landed on the market last month, it was looking for $425,000. Just shy of six weeks later, the 265-square-foot studio—the smallest home currently on the market—has taken a price chop ... of $100 to land at $424,900. Of course, when the asking price is under $500K, we don't expect a full $100K chop, but attempting to entice shy buyers with a 0.02 percent discount doesn't strike us as a particularly winning sales tactic.

The Baker Street property lacks outdoor space of its own, despite being on the ground floor, but it's also in an unbeatable location right off the Presidio.

The market is relatively flooded with tiny living quarters right now, including two Nob Hill TICs asking $379K and $399K, plus a cute Castro place that's nearly twice the size and is already a condo, justifying its higher ask.

If anyone feels moved to make an offer after this skimpy $100 shave, please, do let us know.

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