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Lonely Island-Style Rap Sends Up the Absurdity of Apartment Hunting in SF

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Apartment hunting in San Francisco can be a pretty soul-crushing experience, filled with sketchy converted storage and illegal-looking bunk beds that command top dollar despite their total suckitude. Cross that existential despair with some inspired Lonely Island-style antics and you get "A Place in the City," a sad-because-it's-true sendup of San Francisco's ever-tightening rental market from the aspiring sketch comedians of DeskFan Comedy. (Sample lyric: "Hi, I'm Matt, I built the Internet/ Here's a wad of cash, we should be all set?")

By day DeskFan's Chris Severn and Reese Barbour work as healthcare consultants, and they produce sketches on the side (past series include a Bachelor-style dating show about Tinder).

After a particularly grueling apartment hunt earlier this year—the low point of which brought Severn to a spare room in the back of an insurance office—Severn got overwhelmed. "It felt like urban warfare," he tells Curbed. Subsequent banjo jams with Barbour and a friend "helped me put music to my woes," he adds. Indeed, their raps push brokerbabble to its logical extreme:

If your roommate is a gnome he has a walk-in closet

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