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Classical Pac Heights Manse with Columns Galore Asks $15M

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When 2010 Jackson Street was built back in 1961, it was very unusual for its revered Pacific Heights neighborhood in that it stood only one story high and had just five rooms. The house was designed by architect Ted Moulton for George W. Kleiser, a bachelor and retired advertising executive. Since then, it has had a second story added by architect George Livermore that brought it to four bedrooms. The hallmark feature of the home, however, remain its classical design, with big white columns throughout and two Greco-Roman sculptures atop the second level. The second owners of the house were lawyer Proctor Patterson Jones and his wife, Martha Martin Jones; Mrs. Jones passed away last year. The house just hit the market asking $15 million.

Despite the big price, the home is being advertised as something of a fixer-upper. The brokerbabble calls it a "beautiful blank canvas to create a dramatic adult house," whatever that means, and touts its unusual horizontal floor plan, with only the master suite on the upper level. The home's focal point is a stunning outdoor courtyard on the main level that every public room opens onto via a set of eight tall French doors. Upstairs there are two more large terraces, one of which includes a pergola that overlooks the bay below. Given that the highlight of this home is its outdoor living, the new owners will probably want to invest in a bunch of heat lamps.

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