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New Map Plots Every San Francisco Fire Over the Past Decade

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A new map from the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, the activist group best known for mapping evictions across the city, shows the locations of San Francisco fires over the past decade using data from the fire department. By the group's count, 31,007 housing units in San Francisco have faced 2,654 fires since 2005. The Bayview had the most units affected, with 3,437, followed by the Mission, with 2,788. (The two blocks of Mission Street between 18th and 20th streets have garnered 59 violations in the past decade, the worst record in the city, the Examiner recently found.) Downtown/Civic Center comes in third, with 2,544, followed closely by Western Addition, which had 2,288 units affected by fires.

Statistics from the San Francisco Fire Department show that more than $400 million in losses have occurred because of fires over the past decade. There have also been 523 total injuries and 62 fatalities. The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project's map shows these stats for every fire across the city, with clusters of fires that caused injuries pictured in the Mission, SoMa, and the Western Addition.

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