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Best Photos from the Annual Big Wheel Race Down Vermont

Yesterday the annual Bring Your Own Big Wheel extravaganza took place in Potrero Hill, inspiring scores of revelers to suit up as unicorns, Oscar Mayer wieners, gladiators, and giant slices of pizza to race tricked-out tricycles down the twisty part of Vermont Street. In addition to the usual crop of Easter bunnies, several transportation-themed costumes careened down the street, from a pair of boxy BART cars to this one dude who seemed to be using a Lyft mustache as a furry canopy. Photographer Bhautik Joshi captured much of the merriment on Flickr, and we've rounded up some of our favorite snaps from Instagram as well, including at least one dramatic spill.

Big Wheel gladiator. #sanfrancisco #byobw #bigwheel

A photo posted by Bernie McGinn (@bernie) on

Absolutely crushed it today. #byobw #bigwheel #dangerzone

A photo posted by Brian Mahlstedt (@valmer_jimmy) on

Second heat, first race of the day. #BringYourOwnBigWheel #BYOBW #ridiculous

A video posted by Meredith Yayanos (@meredithyayanos) on

My first "Bring Your Own Big Wheel" #BYOBW race in San Francisco! So much fun! Like a kid again!

A video posted by Bruno Fonzi (@brunofonzi) on

16863315370_66280d9945_z.jpgPhoto via Bhautik Joshi

#NoParking at #byobw

A photo posted by Gordon Mak (@gcmak) on

#vermont #st #sanfrancisco #byobw #bigwheel

A photo posted by @photokro on

king of the hill #sanfrancisco #BringYourOwnBigWheel #byobw #streetphotography #Easter

A photo posted by cristiano valli (@cristi4nov4lli) on

Big wheel racing is a big hobby of mine. It's right up there with chewing on things and belly rubs. #byobw #byobw2015

A photo posted by King Tuttle, the Dog (@king.tuttle) on

Only in #sf would this happen on #Easter Sunday #byobw

A video posted by Laura Barber (@thebarbershoppe) on

Last but not least, an oldie but goodie from last year:

This gem popped up from last year #BYOBW no idea how I even got into that position!

A photo posted by Dippel (@cydways) on

· Bring Your Own Big Wheel [Official Site]
· Bhautik Joshi [Flickr]