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Embattled Housing at 777 Tennessee Seems Likely to Go Ahead

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The proposed new residential building at 777 Tennessee Street in the Dogpatch is headed to the Planning Commission today, and some neighbors aren't very happy about the plans. The building, designed by Sternberg Benjamin Architects, is set to hold 59 units, including 8 below market rate. A group of neighbors put together a petition on last year that opposes the building because it stands—at five stories—too tall, is too likely to bring more traffic, and will cast too many shadows. "We love in the Dogpatch because of the sun," the petition notes. "Don't steal it!" The petition also notes that the new shadows could affect property values at nearby 638 19th Street.

Planning has already recommended approving the building with conditions, and the Dogpatch Neighborhood Association has submitted a letter of support. Rec and Park has found that the shadow cast by the proposed building will not be adverse to nearby Esprit Park, and the project is otherwise in line with local zoning requirements. If it does move forward, 777 Tennessee will demolish a warehouse that is currently on-site and will eventually hold 5 three-bedrooms, 19 two-bedrooms, 34 one-bedrooms, and a single studio. There will be a roof deck and a two-level garage with parking for 50 cars.

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