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Fixer Cottage with Puzzling Interiors Lists for $789K in Bernal

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There's something off-kilter about the little blue cottage at 22 Prospect Avenue, on the north slope of Bernal Heights. And it's not just the wide-set windows, whose lower-than-usual placement gives the facade a somewhat downcast expression. Inside, the two-bed, one-bath home reveals itself to be an oddball cross between a woodsy cabin and some sort of loft. The rafters are exposed, and more than a few walls look as though knotty wood panels (or possibly laminate?) have been rigged up below the ceiling. There's a pair of stainless-steel sinks in the bathroom, and one bedroom has a weirdly institutional vibe, with streaky carpet tile and a ceiling that wouldn't look out of place in an office or classroom.

The home—which clocks in at 1,314 square feet, per property records—is listed for $789K, a modest $600 per square for what the brokerbabble acknowledges is a fixer. According to the listing, initial plans for an expansion are available, and the lot is big enough for the lucky buyer (or, sigh, flipper) to turn it into a "spectacular view home." We're taking bets on how much over asking this one will go.

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