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Luxury Rentals at 6 Mint Plaza to Go Up for Sale As Condos

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Station House #1 at 6 Mint Plaza was once a San Francisco Fire Department firehouse, but in more recent years the building was redeveloped as luxury housing. Its initial developer had hoped to sell the units in the building as luxury condos around the time of their conversion to housing in 2007, but the market downturn changed all that and they became swanky rentals. Last year, the building hit the market, and its new owner finally decided to convert the units over to their original intended use as condos. The units have all been spruced up with upgrades to things like the kitchens and lighting and are now about to go up for sale.

There are 22 units up for grabs, including one- and two-bedrooms of 661 to 973 square feet, three-bedrooms of about 1,805 square feet, and a huge penthouse on the top floor that clocks in at 3,543 square feet. Pricing for the one-beds start around $695,000, and two-beds will begin at approximately $875,000. Three-bedroom pricing hasn't been released yet. All of the units have warehouse-style windows and polished concrete floors, and some include private walk-out balconies.

There are actually 25 units in the building, but three were being rented out to below-market-rate renters and were not included in the condo conversion. The rest of the previous renters, all of whom were paying market rate, were given the option to buy or move out. We hear one tenant is buying a unit, while the rest are moving on.

The building's amenities, which include a fitness center and a rooftop deck with spa, have also been spiffed up as part of the condo conversion. Sales, which are being led by Polaris Pacific, will start in mid-May.

No interior photos of the condos are available, but this is what they looked like as luxury apartments:

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