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Warriors Arena Opponents Bring Out the Big Guns Over Parking

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After emerging from an awkward design phase and finally beginning to take shape, the Warriors' proposed arena in Mission Bay is facing new opposition from an anonymous, privately funded nonprofit called the Mission Bay Alliance. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that it's unclear who's financing the campaign, but cites "organizers" who describe the group as "big-bucks donors to UCSF," the arena's neighbor. The alliance's opposition comes just a month before the release of the final environmental impact report for the project, which includes an 18,000-seat arena and two office towers. The alliance is reportedly consulting with some big names, including former UCSF senior vice chancellor Bruce Spaulding and, until recently, former mayor Willie Brown.

The first order of business, antiarena spokesman-of-sorts Sam Singer told the Chron, is parking. The Warriors plan 950 parking spaces, 650 of them devoted to the two office towers (Singer's phrase: "absolutely ludicrous"). Opponents are concerned about congestion around the hospital, not just during games, but also during the roughly 200 events per year that the arena could host.

UCSF chancellor Sam Hawgood worried that congestion brought by the development could snarl ambulances in traffic. One possible source of leverage for arena opponents is a view easement over a portion of the arena site.

Singer also told the Chron that a No Wall on the Waterfront-style ballot measure would not be off the table. (Hey there, 8 Washington nostalg—nope, too soon.)

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