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Quirkily Colorful NoPa Queen Anne Gets a Price Cut to $1.899M

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The crazily colorful Queen Anne that sits at 560 Lyon Street in NoPa is hard to miss. It has a bright blue and purple facade chock-full of decorative features, and a distinctive turret pops up from the top floor. The condo that takes up the upper two levels boasts five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and some gorgeous interior detailing. The property went up for sale about a month ago asking $1.985 million, but apparently its ornate style isn't for everyone, because it just took a price cut down to $1.899 million.

The color continues throughout the home. The kitchen is modest but features a big, blue old-fashioned oven. The fireplace in the living room is surrounded by a large carved mantle, and there's a clawfoot tub in one of the bathrooms. A deck offers views of the even brighter neighbors, most notably a magenta and lilac home right across the street. A 380-square-foot artist's studio rented out for $1,225 per month comes included, as does parking for one car in the garage in a leased space across the street.

UPDATE (4/30/2015): An earlier version of this post inaccurately stated that the condo takes up the bottom two floors of the house. Rather, it takes up the top two floors. The post has been updated accordingly. We regret the error.

· 560 Lyon Street [Official Site]