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Bernal Flippers Convinced Someone to Pay Top Dollar to Gaze Upon the 101

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The little house at 853 Peralta Street sits a mere stone's throw away from the 101 freeway. It isn't at the heart of trendy Bernal Heights, but that didn't stop flippers from fixing up the once-simple house and selling it for $1.75 million. That price is more than double what the flippers paid last April, when they bought the home for $830,000. At that time, the home had the original fixtures from its 1977 construction, including a kitchen squished into one corner, a brick fireplace in another, and a red plank back deck. The house was given a makeover that left it with an open plan, a new kitchen, and a freshly landscaped backyard.

The redesigned house has three bedrooms, three full bathrooms, and more than 2,000 square feet of space. It certainly isn't the fanciest renovation that we've seen, and the "panoramic views of the East Bay skyline" are really more of industrial land and the freeway.

One tipster sent us this account:

Flippers bought it about a year ago, dug out the basement to add square footage (which now gives the whole house a slight eau de basement dampness), added an unnecessary amount of honed Cararra, and painted the house. It's also worth noting that this house is basically hanging over the highway. The home initially listed for $1.488 million before taking a quick price drop down to $1.309 million. The new price must have inspired several buyers, because the final sale price was well above either ask.

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