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Mediterranean Marina Duplex Wants to Be Reunited for $5.3M

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There's no missing the grand white duplex that sits at 1627-1629 Beach Street. Even in a neighborhood of big Mediterranean-style homes, this one stands out, with its tiled front steps, wrought-iron accents, and tall windows fronted by pillars. The duplex, which is up for sale for $5.3 million, currently holds two large units and an in-law. However, the property was also approved to be converted into a single-family home, an option that seems appealing for a buyer who wants to swoop up a huge place in a prime Marina location.

The top unit takes up two full floors, while the bottom is another full floor. The recently added, unwarranted in-law is downstairs. 1627 Beach Street is the one-level unit, which has three bedrooms and lots of open, airy space. 1629 Beach, the upper four-bedroom unit, is the more dramatic of the two, with an elegant staircase leading between floors. Both have carved fireplaces and arched doorways that fit with the Mediterranean style, but both could use some gentle updating of kitchens and bathrooms. Of course, if the new owner were to convert to a single family home, further renovation would be required, including the possible removal of at least one those front doors.

UPDATE (4/29/2015): An earlier version of this post erroneously stated that the listed property has four front doors. This is not the case; it has two. Only the left half of the building is for sale, and the right half is not for sale. We regret the error.

Photos of exterior and one-level unit:

Photos of two-level unit:

Photos of backyard and in-law:

· 1627-1629 Beach Street [Joel Goodrich , Roh Habibi & Anne Laury]