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330-Square-Foot Studio with Closet-Bed Asks $379K in Nob Hill

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The compact TIC studio that is unit 3 at 1155 Leavenworth Street is truly tiny, at just 330 square feet, but it is also utterly adorable. There's a main living space with plenty of room for a two-seater couch, at least when the bed is folded up into its closet. When the bed is down, it does reach well into the living room, and there's certainly no option to have a nightstand. The mini-kitchen has been remodeled with granite countertops, a half-size dishwasher, and a stainless-steel gas stove and tiny fridge. The apartment, which sits in a prime Nob Hill location at Sacramento and Leavenworth, is asking $379,000, or $1,148 per square.

The apartment manages to pack in lots of lovely details into its diminutive space, and every inch of it seems to be well thought out. There's a sunny yellow front door that adds a touch of brightness to the interiors, moldings throughout, and well-kept hardwood floors. The bathroom has a clawfoot tub and mosaic floor tile, while the closet has built-in shelving. A roof deck on the top floor looks out to the Golden Gate and offers some additional breathing room for little apartment's future resident.

· 1155 Leavenworth #3 [Vanguard Properties]