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First Look at This Year's San Francisco Decorator Showcase

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Every year for the past 36 years, a stately abode on a tony street in San Francisco has been hand-picked to play host to the annual San Francisco Decorator Showcase. Each year a few dozen of the West Coast's top-tier interior designers each reimagine a room in the home, from a 50-square-foot linen closet to a 2,000-square-foot music room. The designs can be outrageous and over the top, and they can also inspire and provide a platform for showcasing some of the best design work this coast's got to offer. This year's showcase—which opens to the public April 25 and runs through Memorial Day—takes place at the Julia Morgan-designed Elizabethan mansion at 3630 Jackson in Presidio Heights.

The home was designed and built by the famed architect in 1917 for Abraham and Alice Rosenberg. Unlike the majority of the surrounding homes, the structure is concrete, timbered with redwood, and has an entrance marked with Tudor archways and a high-peaked gabled roof. The home is three stories and 8,758 square feet, including six bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

The foyer and staircase were designed by Candace Barnes, and pay homage to the home's AIA Gold Medal-winning architect Julia Morgan by incorporating strong lines, bold geometric shapes, and mathematical proportions.

Candace Barnes selected a chandelier designed by René Roubíček for Lasvit for the foyer.

A cozy powder room designed by Julie Rootes Interiors.

The living room, by Phillip Silver Design.

The living room, by Phillip Silver Design.

The living room, by Phillip Silver Design.

Cecilie Starin Design is responsible for the striking design in the formal dining room, where raw and contemporary street art is juxtaposed with luxurious home furnishings and finishes. Designer Cecilie Starin collaborated with international street muralist (and San Francisco resident) Ian Ross on the black-and-white mural that wraps the room.

Recycled aerosol spray-can sculptures, also by Ian Ross, hang over the console tables.

The kitchen, family room, and butler's pantry were designed by Navarra Design.

The family room's ceiling represents a trend seen throughout the showcase: lacquered or glossy ceilings.

Possibly the most adorable feature at this year's showcase, this custom area for pets is an excellent example of what's possible with that pesky and problematic space under the stairs.

The stairwell was designed by Candace Barnes and features bronze railheads on the white-hair-on-hide border of the stairwell runner.

A spacious bedroom designed by Glenda Flaim for Butler Armsden Architects is a nod to Julia Morgan and her pioneering use of concrete.

Flaim selected ceiling lamps by Lucie Koldova for Brokis for the bedroom.

For the bedside lighting, Flaim went with another Lucie Kodova & Dan Yeffet for Brokis lamp.

The office/study, designed by Brittany Haines for Authenticity B. Designs. An Ian Kimmerly painting hangs on the wall.

Wick Design transformed the master bedroom with dark, rich moss green walls, light cream draperies, and layers of texture.

Window treatment detail in the Will Wick-designed master bedroom.

Will Wick of Wick Design used a blend of modern-styled furniture, which was custom-designed by Wick, with antiques and bespoke lighting.

A portion of the Will Wick-designed master bedroom.

Located off the main staircase on the second floor is the En Vogue Salon, designed by Tineke Triggs for Artistic Designs for Living. Inspired by the July 1966 Vogue magazine cover, Triggs' design pulls from the patterns and textures of the era. The focal point of the bathroom is the freestanding tub by Kohler, set off by custom flooring designed by Triggs. The window treatments are custom dip-dyed linen curtains by Carolyn Ray.

The double-sink vanity is layered with intricate period details, and features a Carrara marble countertop and intentionally clashing hardware finishes.

Close-up of the hand-formed brass-and-steel sculpture Palermo chandelier from Zia Priven.

The lounge designed by Eche Martinez for ECHE.

The lounge's walls are adorned with textured wallpaper, a trend that recurs throughout the showcase house.

The Gentleman's Bathroom, designed by Nancy Evars and Dimitra Anderson for Evars + Anderson Interior Design.

Close-up of the textured wallpaper in the Gentleman's Bathroom.

A bedroom designed by Willem Racke and Susan Lind Chastain.

The music and play room, designed by Allison Caccoma.

Bathroom designed by Gregg De Meza of De Meza + Architecture.

De Meza's playful take on tile design in the bathroom.

The pentroom, designed by Green Couch.

The rose metal chandelier above the custom pool table in the pentroom is from Coup d'Etat.

Designers Jennifer Wundrow and Heather Brock of Nest Design Co. designed this kiss-themed bathroom, featuring the Lips wallpaper from Voutsa.

Evars + Anderson Interior Design covered the walls and ceiling of the laundry nook in Christian Lacroix's Butterfly Parade wallpaper.

The wine cellar was designed by artist Jane Richardson Mack.

The landscape architecture was a collaboration between Jessica Weigley, Kevin Hackett, Michael McFadden, and Robo Gerson for Siol.

Another view of the backyard's dramatic transformation.

For the past 36 years, the San Francisco Decorator Showcase has benefited the San Francisco Unversity High School financial aid program, raising over $13 million and benefiting hundreds of students. For further information about the showcase, including when to visit and how to purchase tickets, visit the showcase's website.
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