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Home on Super-Exclusive, Gated Presidio Terrace Wants $6.5M

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From the outside, 24 Presidio Terrace sort of looks like just a modest suburban split-level. However, it happens to be one of just 36 homes that sit on one of San Francisco's most prestigious streets, inside the gates of Presidio Terrace.

The house was designed by architect Charles Whittlesey, who also was responsible for three other homes on the terrace, with subtle Japanese motifs. It was purchased way back in 1952 by paper company executive Stephen Zellerbach and his wife, Merla Zellerbach.

Although the couple later divorced, Merla—an accomplished writer and a close friend of former neighbor Dianne Feinstein—lived there until her death, late last year. The six-bedroom house is now on the market asking $6.5 million.

The home's interiors are much more expansive than the facade would suggest, although they are a bit dated. The front doors open into a marble interior, and a big bay window with built-in seating looks out onto Presidio Terrace.

There are built-in pieces of art scattered throughout, with a painting called The Fisherman, by Emmy Lou Packard, attached to the door of the guest closet in the foyer, a fire screen a "porthole" in the front door made by silversmith Dirk Van Erp, and acrylic inserts in the kitchen doors made by artist Freda Koblic. The home also includes several fireplaces, parking for two cars, and a backyard that is big if a bit barren.

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