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How the Drought Will Reshape California Landscape Architecture

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Today, April 22, 2015, is Earth Day and throughout the day Curbed is going to be bringing you news from the worlds of sustainable design, architecture and general innovation awesomeness.

Faced with a water shortage of historic proportions, California is dealing with a resource crisis that's asking a West Coast accustomed to expansive growth and endless possibility to go against character and make do with less. The last time going dry has caused this much consternation was during Prohibition. And while the effects of conservation crusades and Governor Brown's across-the-board cut in water usage loom over many industries, one sure to be radically altered by the new normal is landscape architecture. Curbed spoke with four leading landscape architects to find out how their profession needs to adapt to a challenge with the potential to reshape the industry. As Charles Anderson of Werk in LA put it, "If there weren't constraints, big things wouldn't happen. If it wasn't difficult, amazing things wouldn't happen."

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