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With an Infusion of Cash and Cats, KitTea Gears Up for Opening

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The last time we checked in on KitTea, San Francisco's very first cat café, it was in the process of fitting out its space at 96 Gough Street for both cats and humans. The Petco Foundation has now boosted that process with a $150,000 grant to turn the Hayes Valley café into a cat oasis for the kitties that will live there while awaiting permanent homes. As you may recall, the tea space for humans and the cat space must be kept separate for health code reasons, and this grant is dedicated to making sure that the cat side of the café is a veritable feline wonderland.

The cat space is set to get furniture, toys, and bedding; new renderings show lots of perches, lounges, and scratching surfaces for the feline residents. KitTea has partnered with the nonprofit rescue outfit Give Me Shelter to facilitate on-site adoptions of the cats. Construction on the café is under way right this very minute, and KitTea is set to open to cat-fancying tea enthusiasts in late April or early May.

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