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Once Just $485,500, Former Upper Market Foreclosure Now Asks $2.595M

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The little cottage at 3066 Market Street, on the edge of Corona Heights, has had a tough time over the past few years. It listed for $710,000 back in April 2011, but the price was almost immediately dropped, and it ultimately sold for just $485,500. By 2014, it was in foreclosure, and flippers bought the place in February 2014 for $951,000. It has now been rebuilt from the foundation up and renamed the Sequoia House for the big tree in its backyard. The house now has three bedrooms instead of one and has nearly doubled in square footage, to 2,494. It has also more than doubled in price since its foreclosure sale, with a big new $2.595 million ask.

Although no interior photos of 3066 Market in its foreclosure state remain in evidence, it has almost certainly been completely transformed. The home has been renovated in the expected layout and design of modern San Francisco houses. There is a big great room on the main level that holds the living area, which is awkwardly situated right in the main entry. Also in the great room is a dining area and a somewhat odd kitchen. The kitchen area looks wide and is seemingly perfect for a center island, but instead the center has been left empty. The sequoia tree is the highlight of the backyard, and a deck has been built beneath it.

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