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Bespoke Envelope A+D-Spruced Home Will Reclaim $2.695M

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In 2009, the modest three-bedroom at 548 Shotwell in the Mission wasn't much to look at, though it did have good bones, with glossy wood floors, high windows in the dining room, and a round brick fireplace with a certain pathos. The bathroom, however, was rather abominable, in a bad beach house kind of way. With three bedrooms, two baths, and 2,013 square feet of space, the home was snapped up in 2009 for $905,000, and things only went up from there. The owner brought in local firm envelope A+D, of Proxy and now French Laundry fame, to put things right, and now the place has been juiced with a just-under-the-edge dose of charred cedar and Cor-Ten. Post-makeover, the house is now asking $2.695 million.

Before: A listing photo from the property's 2009 sale
The funky fireplace stayed, as did a an inexplicable but OK-let's-go-with-it tin ceiling in one of the bedrooms. Brick in the kitchen got toned down with a coat of white paint, and it looks like a new bathroom went in as well. There's now a "Flora Grubb inspired garden" on the premises, and certain yuppie allowances have been made in the area of a wine fridge.

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