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What $3,200/Month Rents You in San Francisco

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Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various San Francisco neighborhoods. Is one man's studio another man's townhouse? Let's find out! Today's price: $3,200.

↑ In the Inner Richmond on Anza at 17th Avenue is this 1,110-square-foot middle flat in a three-unit building. The unit is a proper two-bedroom, meaning both bedrooms have closets, windows, and even access to a small private deck. The $3,250/month apartment also boasts formal living and dining rooms. Other highlights include a washer and dryer tucked away in the unit, and the spacious kitchen has a dishwasher. No pets, no parking.

↑ $3,195/month in Pacific Heights gets this classic one-bedroom Victorian apartment with glossy hardwood floors, tall ceilings, and a working fireplace. It's also on Washington Street between Steiner and Fillmore, which puts you within one block of Alta Plaza Park and all the restaurants and shops busy Fillmore Street has to offer. There's laundry in the building, no mention of parking, and only cats are allowed with an additional pet deposit.

↑ On Mason Street at Eddy Street and within a block of Market is this one-bedroom in the Tenderloin. The apartment clocks in at 700 square feet and will run you $3,195/month. The listing describes the building as a "chic mid-rise condominium complex redesigned in 2007 with modern aesthetic and essential old world characteristics," so there's that. Laundry's in the unit, but there's no mention of pets or parking.

↑ Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for an ideal location, and that's certainly the case with this one-bedroom apartment in North Beach. Pros: Its location on Grant Avenue at Greenwich Street is quintessential North Beach; the unit's 838 square feet; pets are allowed. Cons: It's dingy, but that could just be a result of literally covering every single surface with the same uninspiring shade of beige—the wall-to-wall beige carpet throughout is a bit much. Laundry's in the building and there's no parking.

↑ $3,195/month gets you your very own house a top-floor two-bedroom in a house in the Inner Sunset. There are also two bathrooms in what appears to be a pretty spacious unit (square footage isn't listed). Even better: Its location on 17th Avenue is right between Judah and Kirkham streets, so you're within half a block of the N-Judah. No pets, no laundry, and if you want parking you have to shell out an additional $105/month.
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