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Adorable Corona Heights Carriage House Condo Asks $789K

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Although it is a freestanding and very charming little house, the one-bedroom carriage house at 46 Mars Street is also technically a condo because it shares a parcel of land with an adjacent home. The facade is covered in corrugated siding, and that's just the start of this little home's adorableness. There's a small dining room with a glass corner that looks out onto the pint-sized deck and a kitchen that manages to be both attractive and functional in a small space. The entire home is only 697 square feet, meaning that its $789,000 asking price puts it at $1,132 per square foot.

Also on the top level of the carriage house is a living room separated from the kitchen with a few steps and a glass partition. High ceilings and skylights make the room feel bright and bigger than it really is. A narrow staircase leads to the bedroom downstairs. Creatively shaped windows throughout the house offer glimpses onto the green backyard and the city's hills in the distance. The only downsides to the space are limited storage (the bedroom doesn't appear to have a closet?) and no parking, but the Castro is just over a 10 minute walk away.

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