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At Just 291 Square Feet, SF's Tiniest Condo Sells for $415K

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When the smallest condo for sale in San Francisco hit the market last month looking for just $299K, we elected to think of it as a particularly spacious walk-in-closet—plus a bay window!—and admired the bright room, even if it was a bit dubiously spacious looking (sleight-of-lens giveaway: a way-too-wide front door). Despite the appearance two weeks later of an even smaller Cow Hollow TIC, condo-wise, this SoMa unit remained the smallest available, until a buyer snapped it up for $415,000 cash. We had heard the contract price would clear $400K; the final closing price works out to $1,426 per square, and about 39 percent over the asking price. Most members of our Under $500K Club don't remain under $500K come closing time, so at least we know a tiny, tiny slice of SF can still be had for less than half a mil?

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