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SF SPCA and Pets Unlimited Unite to Serve SF Animals

Last year, the San Francisco SPCA and Pets Unlimited merged, creating a centralized animal care nonprofit. By joining together, these like-minded organizations can better support the SF community, clients, and the animals that they serve.

The animals are the biggest beneficiaries of this merger. Efficiencies from the combined organization will mean more money can go directly to programs and they plan to significantly increase the amount of charity veterinary care available at both hospitals. The combined result should save at least 1,000 additional lives each year!

Come visit the two wonderful adoption centers and two world-class veterinary hospitals today, one each in the Mission and Pacific Heights. There are incredible volunteer opportunities at both SF SPCA campuses. And they still have a range of nationally recognized programs at their Mission Campus, including dog training, animal assisted therapy, youth programs, and community engagement.

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