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Flippers Turn Mission House into Boxy Blahfest for $3.1M Cash

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When the home at 864 Florida Street in the Mission sold back in August 2013, it was as a modest pink house that fit the character of its fairly modest street. It was purchased by flippers for $880,000. No interior photos of the house from that time still exist, but the brokerbabble from the home's most recent listing assures that the house was "completely reimagined from the foundation up." Unfortunately, the renovators didn't seem to have much imagination, because the home was rebuilt as a bland white four-bedroom box. Despite the lack of interesting design, the home sold for $3.1 million in all cash, which was $201,000 over asking and $2.22 million over that 2013 price.

The home is now all shiny and new, but it's hard to see anything special in it that would justify such a huge price. The location, on a rather nondescript street, is bolstered by the presence of the commercial strip around the corner that includes Sightglass Coffee, Flour + Water, and Trick Dog. But everything about the home's current design, from the nondescript kitchen to the strip of grass that is the backyard, feels rather anticlimactic. There is a roof deck that looks out across the Mission, and there's parking for two cars—both nice things to have in a sunny neighborhood where parking can be tough. But $3.1 million? Quoth one tipster: "Wow. The Mission is now north of 3 million for single families."

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