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Former Clorox CEO's Russian Hill Home Bleeds Another $500K

Former Clorox CEO G. Craig Sullivan and his wife, Maureen, have been looking to unload their four-bedroom modern compound near the twisty part of Lombard Street for more than a year now. The couple, who have said they are downsizing, originally listed the property for $9.95 million, then hacked off $1 million in October after buyers failed to appear. Now the property has taken another $500K chop to land at $8.45 million, sending it tumbling to a lower rung on our list of the top 25 most expensive homes for sale in the city.
Built in 1938, the house has been totally rebuilt since then. The brokerbabble touts that it "retains its original mid-Century sensibility," but the vibe is much more modern than midcentury. Meanwhile, the redesign seems to have brought doubles of some of the home's main features: there are two entrances, two garages, and even two elevators (but not, alas, two washing machines?).

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