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Dolores Heights Home with Missing Walls Cuts Price By $600K

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The three-bedroom home at 3750 Dolores 21st Street does not appear to be in livable condition, with pieces of its ceiling and walls missing. Despite its drawbacks, the house has been on the market since mid-February asking $2.495 million thanks to its fantastic views and the opportunity to turn it into a modern hilltop home. Purchasing an uninhabitable home for more than $2 million has not appealed to buyers, despite the location and the propensity of run-down homes to sell for absurd sums in San Francisco. The mega-fixer-upper has just slashed its price by $600,000 to land at $1.895 million, which is still, of course, quite a large price for a house with missing walls.

The listing for the house features renderings of a sleek, modern white box. According to listing agent Derek Schreiber, someone could buy the house, remodel it in a manner similar to the renderings, and be ready to move in next spring. That option would give the new owners a home of approximately 2,500 square feet with parking and outdoor living spaces. However, there is another option for buyers who want a bigger house. The current structure is set well back from the street, so the new owners could theoretically expand forward and up. That process would, of course, be more time consuming and would ultimately depend on what SF Planning (and the neighbors!) allow.

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