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The Smallest Home for Sale in SF Is Just 265 Square Feet

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Last we checked in, the smallest residence on the market in San Francisco clocked in at a spare 291 square feet. Now an even smaller studio, a TIC on Baker Street near the Presidio, has thrown its tiny hat into the ring. Asking $425K, the unit has undergone a recent remodel, and sports wood floors, a decent albeit generic kitchen, and a sink that looks almost like a mold the tiny flat-screen TV could have been cast from.

The front door is sandwiched between the kitchen and bedroom, and there's room for a tiny table and two stools in the kitchen. The unit is on the ground floor, which makes the lack of a patio practically inexcusable.

Most of that $425K is going toward the Presidio-adjacent address—it's certainly not paying for parking, of which there is none. Meanwhile, whoever's in contract to buy that 291-square-footer in SoMa (likely for more than its $299K ask, sigh) is getting an actual condo, not a TIC, and the option to have a living room, if only when finding the will to heave the Murphy bed out of sight is not unfathomable.

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