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The Best Stores for Spring Shopping; Where to Sweat with Hotties; What Really Happens at a Fashion Shoot; More!

Welcome to On the Racked, where Racked SF Associate Editor Esther Hahn shares the top fashion, beauty and fitness news of the week.

SAN FRANCISCO—We've updated the Racked 38 for spring! Here's the latest and greatest edition of our ultimate shopping map.

DIFFERENT PLACES—And here's a map of gyms with the hottest trainers in the Bay Area. Just because we love you.

UNION CITY—We took a road trip to Union City to find out what the team at Ariat wears to work. Spoiler: There are lots of boots.

FORT MASON—Ever wonder what happens inside that Freda Salvador sample sale? Here are 28 photos from above the fray.

MARIN—Fashion shoots are hard work. Also, there's an abandoned country club in Marin?

EVERYWHERE—Waist training is a popular topic thanks to the Kardashians. We asked a local corset maker explain how it works.

NORTH BEACH—Just in time for festival season, Blu Kicks has a storefront. Let's take a peek.

EVERYWHERE—How to start your Korean beauty addiction with Memebox.