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What $3,100/Month Rents You in San Francisco

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Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various San Francisco neighborhoods. Is one man's studio another man's townhouse? Let's find out! Today's price: $3,100.

↑ Coming in under budget at $3,050/month, this one-bedroom in the Marina District is bathed in natural light, and features charming arched doorways and ample amounts of character (watch out for that lavender and mint green bathroom, though). The building has a roof deck with views of the entire city and the Golden Gate Bridge, and laundry is located on-site. However, pets are not allowed, nor is there parking.

↑ $3,100/month will rent you a 650-square-foot remodeled one-bedroom in the Mission. The floors—which may be wood, may be Pergo, it's hard to tell—are brand new, as is the kitchen and bath. There's a washer-dryer in the unit, and cats are OK with references and an extra deposit of $300. No dogs, though, and parking is presumably on the street.

↑ Over in the armpit of 101 at the edge of SoMa, here we have a genuine two-bedroom asking $3,150/month. It's the lower unit in a duplex, and comes with wood floors (the old, good kind) and a small patio that's not pictured. The bedrooms also aren't pictured, so take the listing's claim that it can be a three-bedroom with more than a grain of salt (plus, trying to accomplish anything in that kitchen with three people seems unwise). There's laundry on-site, but no mention of pets or parking.

↑ Just barely under budget at $3,095/month, this one-bedroom Downtown is on the first floor of a 1912 building. The listing claims that the unit's roomy enough to use as a two-bedroom, though it's not entirely clear how that works (please, please don't be talking about the closet). The apartment comes equipped with a small porch overlooking a shared garden. The kitchen is large-ish, if not exactly inviting, though there's a lovely curved window in the main living area. Laundry is in the building, parking is on the street, and pets are unwelcome, sadly.

↑ Also under budget at $2,995/month, this one-bedroom in Nob Hill isn't newly renovated, but it's bright, clean, and well kept. It's got 737 square feet of space, wood floors, a bright if small kitchen, and more than one closet. Laundry is located in the building, and cats are allowed with an added "pet rent" of $50/month. Parking is not included, however.
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