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Stunning Photos of the Bay Lights As It Prepares to Go Dark

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As you recall, the Bay Lights' life has been extended beyond its original two-year run, after the nonprofit behind Leo Villareal's 1.8-mile-long light sculpture raised $4 million to keep the 25,000 LEDs turned on. But the sculpture will go dark for the next 11 months while Caltrans does maintenance on the cables, making this Thursday night the installation's last hurrah of the year. On Friday morning at dawn, serious light-gazers who come out at 5:45 a.m. can observe the lights' final moments amid the gentle warblings of the San Francisco Symphony's Sunrise String Quartet, which will perform for the last hour of sculpture's illumination.

Free coffee and pastries will be on hand on the patio behind EPIC Roasthouse. The Bay Lights will be back in time for Super Bowl 50 next year.

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San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

Interstate 80, San Francisco, CA 94607