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In Google Maps' Pac-Man, Lombard Street Is a Death Trap

Today, as the Internet turned to Google Maps to play Pac-Man (an old-fashioned arcade game about street grids), we decided to see how San Francisco's streets fare as a game board. (For anyone who's been offline for the past few hours, see the five-second Buzzfeed recap.) And, spoiler alert, we're all going to die on Lombard Street. In fairness, it's probably a good thing that Google's engineers are busy with other things, but they have unwittingly turned the street into a death trap: It's possible to get through traveling west, but not east, where Pac-Man's little craw gets stuck in a curve every. single. time.

There's a similar snag in Diamond Heights, where Pac-Man gets stuck on Topaz Way and visited by death. (The spot of his perpetual demise is marked with an X.)

And the game doesn't even work on Twin Peaks.

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