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Marina Flip Changes Everything but the Views, Adds $5.25M

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The home at 663 Marina Boulevard has one of the more beautiful locations in the city, sitting right across from the San Francisco Yacht Club with lovely views of the water and boats. That view is one of the only things about the home that didn't change during its recent overhaul. Flippers bought the house for $4.25 million just under two years ago, when it was described as "from a vintage era." At the time, there were brick and wood-paneled walls, dark wood floors, and a modest yellow facade. All of that is now gone, replaced by very fancy new interiors and a huge $9.5 million price tag, a jump of $5.25 million over the 2013 price.
The home's formerly dark interiors have been replaced by light everything, from white oak floors to a huge white marble fireplace in the main room. In all, there are at least three fireplaces with marble detailing. There are also now six bedrooms instead of the former four, six and a half bathrooms, and three parking spots. An elevator moves between every floor in the house. The newly designed backyard of course has an outdoor kitchen and a fire pit, overlooked by a balcony jutting off two bedrooms upstairs. The new house is, of course, very, very nice, but there's something about the vintage style of the old version that we miss.

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